Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (4)

Bank Of Russia

In 4 weeks Gold price forecast on Monday, July, 17: exchange rate 28599 Rupees, maximum 29028 Rs, minimum 28170 Rs. Gold price in India on Tuesday, July, 18: exchange rate 28528 Rupees, maximum 28956 Rs, minimum 28100 Rs. Prior to the current range, Brent had been trading under a $53.00 ceiling until price action broke out to the upside in the beginning of December, immediately after the formal OPEC meeting that resulted in a successful deal to cut production among members.

But oil prices have slid below US$40 and unless they bounce back significantly, the BOJ is likely to cut its oil assumption and consumer price forecasts when it next reviews its long-term forecasts at a rate review on Jan 28-29, the sources said on condition of anonymity.

The June 2016 referendum itself was touted as a way to give the British people a say in the matter and the House of Commons voted to conduct it. Once Article 50 is invoked, it sets a two-year process starting in March 2017 for the UK to negotiate the conditions of leaving with the remaining 27 countries in the EU, each of which then needs to obtain approval from its parliament.

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